3 Ways To Decarboxylate Cannabis At Home

Decarboxylate Cannabis

If you are cooking with cannabis, Decarboxylate Cannabis is an absolutely pivotal initial step when you do so. You apply a low heat to the cannabis for a long time to convert its non-intoxication THCA into THC. 

This is the cannabinoid that is best known for its psycho-active repercussions. Without this, the effects of do it yourself edibles would be weak, lackluster, or just not present. 

It is super easy to do at home, and you probably have all you need already in your kitchen. Aside from what other methods there are, using your oven is probably the most basic. 

But, we have put together 3 options for you to try out in your cannabis cooking. Of course, if you are feeling especially lazy and have some spare cash you could just simply type in buy decarb machine into google and be done with it. 

But, sometimes we like to do things a little more involved. 

What Is Decarboxylation?

To begin, what is decarboxylation? Well, is it basically just the heating process that makes cannabis what it is. Making it a potent addictive to be infused into food, beverages, or oils. 

Some enthusiasts would say it is magical in its effects! 

Why Do It? 

It is necessary to do however, especially if you want to make some hardcore potent edibles. As you decarb your marijuana, you can pop it in all sorts of things, slam it into some tasty recipes, or more. 

So, how do you go about the decarb process? 

We have 2 ways for you to do this at home, pick your favorite, become a master of it and label yourself as the best DIY decarbing genius ever, or a marijuana master chef! 

#1. Decarboxylate Cannabis Via An Oven

When you decarb with your oven the thing you need to remember first and foremost is that the dial on your oven is a bit more like guidelines than it is an exact pointer. Your oven could fluctuate from 20 degrees to what it is, so you should keep an eye on your cannabis. 

If you intend on doing this on the regular, a thermometer might be a good investment. 

All you need is;

  • A baking sheet.
  • Your oven.
  • Your cannabis.
  • Parchment paper.

Set your oven to 245 with the rack in the middle. Line up the sheet with your parchment paper and break up your cannabis finely but not so fine it will burn. 

Heat it up for around 30-40 minutes, keeping a close eye on it, then take it out and let it cool for half an hour. It should seem to be golden-brown and lightly toasted. 

Once cool to the touch, add it to your recipes or pop it in storage. 

#2. Decarboxylate Cannabis Via A Mason Jar

Using a mason jar minimizes the smell of cannabis. You can also preserve the terpenes that evaporate and store them. You will also be less likely to burn your cannabis in this method too. 

You need; 

  • A mason jar + lid. 
  • A kitchen towel. 
  • Your Cannabis. 
  • Oven gloves. 
  • A Baking tray. 

Set your oven to 220-240 and place the rack in the middle. Break up your cannabis until it is grain sized, pop it into the mason jar and secure the lid on top. 

Wet your towel and lay it over the baking sheet and put your jar of cannabis on the towel. This will stop the jar from falling over. 

Place your baking tray into your oven for around an hour, but you should remove and shake the jar every 15 minutes, so it is evenly dispersed. 

After an hour take it out of the oven. Let it cool, and then cook or store! 

#3. Decarboxylating Via Sous Vide

This method is foolproof. It is best for regular cannabis chefs, as it can cut down on costs. 

For this, you need; 

  • Your cannabis. 
  • A vacuum sealed/ freezer bag with a zip top. 
  • Container (a large pot is fine). 
  • An immersion circulator. 

Make a water bath, filling your container with hot water from your tap and place your immersion circulator in this. Follow the manufacturer’s guide for the right amount of water.

Grind up your cannabis very finely. Do not worry about burning as the temperature will be set. Do maximize area though, so fine grind is ideal. 

Seal your cannabis as flat as you can inside the sealer or the bag you use, and make it as tight and flat as you can. Place the bag into the water for 90 minutes, then remove and allow it to cool for 20. 


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