3 Tips on Finding the Best Modeling Agency

best modeling agency

Are you looking to get discovered as a fashion model? If so, have you ever thought about doing the discovering yourself?

That’s right—you can be one of the thousands of employed models out there by seeking out the modeling agency that’s perfect for you. Sometimes, sitting back and waiting for the best modeling agency to come to you can backfire, resulting in a lack of work. If you show initiative and self-motivation, you may just land yourself a dream gig.

In this guide, we highlight some expert tips for carving out a space for yourself in this niche industry. Keep reading!

1. Why Try One When You Can Try Them All?

This point is similar to the idea of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Rather than focusing all your efforts on one modelling agency, look around!

Try out for several different agencies, which allows you to develop experience, but above all, an opinion on who you want to work for and why. If you go to several open calls, you’ll be able to discern what makes one agency better than another, allowing you to demystify the process a bit and go to your next audition with that much more confidence.

2. Look for an Agency That Offers a Variety of Clients

The more options you have for finding work within an agency, the better your chances of making fashion modeling a viable career.

According to the BLS, there are several options when it comes to clients. You can choose from:

  • Private showings
  • Fashion shows
  • Retail establishments
  • Clothing stores
  • Independent artists

And more!

If your prospective modeling agency works with several types of clients, your talents have a greater chance of being used. Look for an agency that chooses several platforms, rather than one, which allows for various faces, styles, and models.

3. Start With Your Local Market, Then Expand

It’s easiest to start local, by Googling “modeling agencies near me,” or “models wanted [zip code],” and so on. That way, if you need to attend an open call, you’re ready to travel there without a second thought.

Looking locally also allows you to participate in last-minute open calls as they come up, as the traveling won’t be much of an issue.

If your local searches aren’t turning up the number of modeling agencies you expected, you can start to expand your investigations. In this time of social distancing, you may even find that many agencies are doing video conferences and Zoom meetings, allowing you to audition from the comforts of home. If this is the case, be sure you’re ready to travel longer distances if you land the gig!

Find the Best Modeling Agency for You With These Tips

And there you have it!

As with any job, it helps to seek out your employers, rather than the other way around. It shows a kind of initiative and dedication that many employers are looking for, which automatically gives you a leg up on the competition. Sometimes, fate brings the best modeling agency to you—but often, you create your own destiny.

If you enjoyed these tips, keep scrolling our page for various others. We cover a wide range of topics!


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