3 Services You Can Use if a Loved One in the Military Is Wounded


No one wants to learn that a family member serving in the military has been injured, but it does happen. If you’re notified that a loved one has been injured, you may need some assistance. Here are 3 services you can use in such a situation.

1. Transportation Assistance

There are transportation assistance programs, such as Luke’s Wings, for warriors and their family members to seek complimentary travel planning and flights in emergency situations. There may be several assistance options available to you if you’re a family member. Look to see what programs are available and pertinent to your situation.

2. Caregiver Support

In some cases, family members become caregivers for loved ones injured in the line of duty. Parents, spouses, military caregivers, and service members can all access these services. For people in this type of situation, caregiver benefits and support programs are available. These programs may provide financial aid, counseling, and emotional support, access to experts and consultants, and other caregiving resources that can help you navigate a program’s services.

3. Hotlines

Each branch of the military has an available hotline for families of wounded soldiers. These hotlines are typically facilitated by centers that coordinate care and contact. Family members can call them during specified business hours to request information about their loved ones and ask questions about care, financial aid, and other support programs. Make sure you have the appropriate identifying information if you need to request sensitive information.

Different situations require different types of assistance. Fortunately, there are several services available for military members and their families. Review all available services when your loved one joins the military so you’re better prepared in case something happens.


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