3 Basic PDF Bear Tools That You Need to Know

PDF Bear Tools

PDF Bear is an excellent software that anyone can use for free. It’s an online-based platform; that’s why everyone across the globe can use it with the help of the internet and their devices. Users can use PDF Bear tools to compress or even convert their PDF files easily. With that, here are some essential PDF Bear tools that you need to know.

Compress PDF

If you want to compress your PDF files easily, PDF Bear is here to serve you. The standard process for people is that reducing a file size will compromise the quality of their files. It might not be a big issue for them, but it’s not how it should be. With PDF Bear, you can use its compression tool to reduce the size of any file without risking or sacrificing their quality.

The Compressor of PDF Bear can shrink any file size without compromising the quality of the user’s PDF files. No other online PDF tools can achieve this feat, but PDF Bear can do it for free. The compression tool of this platform is an excellent choice because you won’t encounter any difficulties when compressing your files. Don’t worry; just follow these steps to compress PDF files easily:

  1. Drag or choose, and upload the file that you wish to compress.
  2. Choose your preferred option.
  3. The system will begin analyzing and compressing your file.
  4. Once the process is done, the compressed PDF is now ready for you to share or download. 

PDF to Word

The best solution to convert your PDF files into a Word file is using the conversion tool of PDF Bear. Other platforms can’t even master this type of technology, and it’s rare to see that an online tool supports this process. However, with the converter of PDF Bear, your life is a lot easier when you convert your PDF documents to a DOCX file. With this platform, you are a few clicks away from converting your PDF files into Word. Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Select your PDF file or drag it to the converter.
  2. The PDF converter will start extracting the text and scan the PDF pages.
  3. The conversion process will be done soon.
  4. After the conversion, the converted file is ready for download or modify.


If you wish to convert your PDF files into a JPG format easily, you can use the PDF Bear service. Its conversion tool is capable of converting PDFs to a JPG in no time. The PDF to JPG converter will make your life easier to convert an original PDF file to JPEG/JPG. Start converting your PDF files and download them as a photo format. Here’s how you can do the process:

  1. Select the PDFs that you want to convert.
  2. The PDF conversion tool will start converting your files to JPG while retaining the quality.
  3. The process will finish in a while.
  4. The converted data is ready for download.


With these tools, you can easily convert or compress your PDF files without a sweat. Using PDF Bear will also allow you to split, merge, repair, and protect your PDF files. Aside from those advantages, you can securely and safely use PDF Bear for free.


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