20 Funny Gifts Ideas to Make Someone Laugh

funny gifts

Choosing a gift for someone can be crucial, especially for someone you want to make laugh. If you are hesitant about choosing some funny gifts, we can help you here. Well, it can be the best way to give someone a memorable gift.

That’s why we are sharing the best gift ideas that you can choose for someone you love. A gag gift can make it more special. So, make sure you are reading this article completely. Let’s get started.

Top Funny Gifts Ideas

The holiday season is almost here. Why not give your favorite people some funny gifts? If you don’t have any ideas, we can help you. In the following list, we have handpicked some best ideas:

1. Pancake Earrings

Does your friend love pancakes? Well, then a pair of pancake earrings can be the ideal gift for her. You can find a pair of pancake earrings both online and offline. Plus, you can also customize it.

2. Face Socks

So, what are face socks actually? Don’t worry, it can make your friends laugh. If you want to give them this gift, you have to customize these socks with their faces. Well, gifting this one can be a good prank as well.

3. Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm

Looking for a cute yet funny gift? Then, you have to choose an Oreo-flavored lip balm. It’s an ideal gift for a cookie lover. To get this Oreo-flavored lip balm, you can search some popular online stores.

4. Tiny Hands

Tiny hands are one of the best funny gifts on this list. Well, this cute little gift can bring a smile to your friend’s face. Hence, tiny hands can be an ideal gift for your younger siblings. It’s also an affordable present.

5. Fish Flops

If you know someone who loves shoes, then a pair of fish flops can be the ideal gift. Well, this gift looks weird but they will definitely love it. Plus, it’s a good summer gift for shoe lovers.

6. Blah Button

One of the most hilarious gifts for a special person in your life is the blah button. Hence, it’s the perfect one for your introverted friend. Well, you can get this small present from a reliable online store.

7. Baby Yoda Chia Pet

One of the most funny gifts on this list is baby Yoda chia pet. You see, baby Yoda is a trendy thing right now. So, you should present this one to make someone laugh. It’s a unique gift as well.

8. Mini Hedgehog Planter

Do you know someone who is obsessed with plants? You can give them a beautiful-looking mini hedgehog planter. Well, this gag gift is both hilarious and cute at the same time. It’s perfect for mini plants.

9. Warm Water Bidet

If you want an expensive gag gift, you should try a warm water bidet. On the other hand, it can be a unique present as well. You can get a good warm water bidet online.

10. Spongebob Sticker

Looking for some funny gifts for your young cousins? You have to get Spongebob stickers in this case. Hence, these stickers are a good present for your friend who loves Spongebob. They can stick them on their laptop or water bottle.

11. Blending Egg Sponges

Another good gag gift for your siblings or cousins is blending egg sponges. They will be very confused. Moreover, you can also prank them by blending egg sponges. To get this gift, you have to check an online store.

12. Animal Butt Magnets

Well, this one is a really hilarious gift. And you should give it to your best friend. Moreover, you have to get Kikkerland farm-animal butt magnets. It can be an epic gift for your friend.

13. Three-Inch Violin

Do you have a friend who loves music? You can present them with a cute three-inch violin. It’s also an ideal prank gift for your friend. Moreover, you can get this tiny item both online and offline.

14. Toilet Fishing Kit

One of the most funny gifts for your friends is a toilet fishing kit. A perfect gift if your friend loves fishing. The toilet fishing kit includes a rod, mat, bowl, fish, and a do not disturb sign.

15. Belly Stuffer

Belly Stuffer

Another hilarious gift to make someone laugh is a belly stuffer. It’s perfect for your guy friend as he can have a fake baby bump. You can also present it as a prank gift to your friend.

16. Sleep Hood

Looking for an ideal present for your sleepyhead friend? A sleep hood can be the perfect gag gift for them. Moreover, this sleep hood is one of the hilarious items. They will definitely love this one.

17. Animal Slippers

Just like the fish flop, you can give your loved ones animal slippers. Hence, it’s the perfect alternative to a fish flop. You have to present this to someone who loves their shoes. Make sure you are getting them online today.

18. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

An amazing gift for someone who loves wine. Well, this gift is also good for pranking people. On the other hand, this ultimate wine bottle glass is a unique present for your friend. So, get it now.

19. Farting Dinosaur Coloring Book

If you want to give your younger sibling a present, you should choose a farting dinosaur coloring book. On the other hand, you can give your friend this book as a prank. It will be fun.

20. Mini Bowling Set

Last but not least, a mini bowling set is one of the best funny gifts here. An ideal present for all those people who love bowling. The mini bowling set is a cute and remarkable one.


Finally, you know what to choose if you want to make someone laugh. We have shared the best funny gifts ideas you can give your loved ones. Well, there are so many gag gifts available. In this case, you can do some research on the internet as well.


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