10 Styling and Beauty Trends that Will Take Over 2022

Styling and Beauty Trends

As we see the return of in-person shows and runways, the fashion industry is ready to surprise people with mind-blowing trends. The coming year will be full of glamor and elegance, from body-empowering pieces such as miniskirts to all-white ensembles. At the same time, designers and artists are also trying to have some fun with the warm, bold, and bright color tones. Let’s see styling and beauty trends that will take over 2022.

Similarly, styling and beauty trends are on the rise. Haven’t you spotted celebrities flaunting cliché hairstyles? Lately, colorful braids, sky-high ponytails, and sculptural hairstyles have become super popular. People have also been experimenting with aesthetic skincare and makeup trends. Plus, the color black has become the new red when we talk about lipsticks. Likewise, women are coloring their eyebrows to complement the geometric garments.

If you are ready to dress up again, it is time to upgrade your fashion game. Here we are unveiling ten styling and beauty trends that will take over 2022. 

1. Drawstring Dresses 

The rising need for comfy clothing has encouraged fashion experts to design drawstring dresses. These dresses have a classic form, clinched at the waist, offering a figure emphasizing silhouette. (blueiceland.is) In addition, it provides the luxury of adjusting the dress and obtaining the right fit. Hence, these dresses are the perfect fit for every occasion. If you’ve got gorgeous curves, look for plus size cocktail dresses and flaunt them on formal occasions. Otherwise, you can opt for floral designs if you want casual dresses. 

2. Sculptural Braids

In the Christian Siriano Show, Jawara’s sculptural braids were adorned by the entire world. Even though the hairstylist took inspiration from Siriano’s heritage look, it turned out flawless. The braids were wrapped with a ribbon, making them simple yet unique. Hence, this year we can expect a lot of celebrities flaunting this hairstyle. It might seem not very easy, but you only need a wide comb and a few ribbons to tie the braids in a symmetrical shape. 

3. The Boho Skirts 

Nowadays, it doesn’t take much time for things to come back. The same goes for bohemian skirts. In 2022, these skirts have become a massive segment of the mainstream paradigm. These skirts come with flowing and long silky structures manufactured from one of the finest materials. You can pair these skirts with crop tops, off-shoulder shirts, or tuck-in long shirts. For accessories, a straw bag and flip-flops will go perfectly well with these skirts. 

4. Modish Miniskirts 

Even though mini skirts are a fashion trend of the 1980s, the designers still adore them. It means we would see a lot of modish, multiplied minis in 2022. Fashion designers are styling the skirts with coordinating tops and blazers to give a formal touch. Similarly, many of them have paired these skirts with oversized sweaters and knee-high boots. It would keep these skirts everyday friendly, allowing people to flaunt casually. 

5. Monochromatic Sets  

Monochromes have always been seen as a powerful outfit for both genders, and recently, Chanel decided to revive monochromatic sets. At the same time, Kim Kardashian flaunted an all-brown look on Instagram, and since then, there has been no going back. Monochrome ensembles are all set to hit the fashion industry this year; hence, ensure to get your hands on a few pieces. (https://www.happinessispets.com/ambien/) You can opt for the same-colored loungewear for winters, whereas sweats and tees will look equally pleasing for summers.

6. Graphic Eyeliner 

Winged eyeliner looks have been in the limelight for quite some time. But now, the affinity for graphic eyeliner is making all eyes turn. Stila Cosmetics has introduced a Camouflage Palette buffed with colorful eyeliners. You have to apply it over the top of your eyes and riddle the color on your lid with the blending brush. Also, fill in the space with an eye shadow of a neutral shade to ensure the color of your graphic eyeliner stands out. 

7. Nude & Natural 

Last year was a bit washout for the lips. After all, we all had our faces covered in masks. Thankfully, things are coming back to normal, which means; we would see a handful of lipstick trends. Brands like Nars, Chanel, and Bobbi Brown have already developed their range of nudes and natural lip colors. Some have come up with a matte collection to give a lightweight, bare-lipped feeling. However, many brands have introduced lip gloss after seeing Gigi Hadid’s glossy lips at Met Gala. 

8. Footwear Frenzy 

Truthfully, most of us have spent the last two years wearing flip-flops, making it impossible to go back to uncomfortable footwear. Therefore, whether it is daytime sandals or dazzling heels, footwear will remain comfortable for 2022. Besides pencil heels, a wide range of block heels has made its way into the fashion industry. From nudes or sparkling glitter, you can find these heels in every design. Similarly, the loafers have become the new aesthetics. After all, the fresh colorations and bold design make them a timeless silhouette. 

9. Crochet Knit Sweater 

This season, we would be witnessing a lot of crochet details on the runaways. Some models will be layering the crochet pieces over suits, tailored in matching sets. Similarly, you will see many knitted into feminine sweaters. Apart from the symmetrical design, crochets give a unique touch to every outfit. Thus, get your hands on a few crochet pieces and enjoy the chilly winter season in style. 

10. Baggy Pants 

Today, baggy has become the new normal. women no longer like wearing tights and skinny jeans, which means we will be seeing a lot of baggy pants this year. The modern range of bottom-wears is full of loose-fit jeans and wide-leg denim. So, don’t forget to splurge on these pants this season. They look apt on bulky and skinny women; all you have to do is pick the one that suits your body shape. Also, feel free to explore bold colors since these pants look best in such shades. 

Final Thoughts 

If you wish to become a diva of the current times, keep track of the revolutionary fashion trends in the industry. As we step into 2022, many new styles are making a comeback. Similarly, a lot of recent trends are emerging, allowing women to try new things. You can grab drawstring dresses, baggy pants, bohemian skirts, and some monochromatic sets. Similarly, feel free to test with nude lip colors and sculptural braids to make the most of these fashion trends.


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