10 Important T-Shirt Printing And Design Tips To Keep In Mind

Important T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt logos and designs make your outfit look more incredible and attractive.  It doesn’t mean that plain tees are boring. But, what you put on your T-Shirt will make it or break it. Standard tees with messages that encourage, spark, and shepherd. Standard t-shirts feel soft and very comfortable with the right amount of stretch. Made of a pre-shrunk soft fabric our tee is excellent for everyday wear and is manufactured to last. Unisex sizing – suits well men and women.

So, what necessary steps can you take to make your T-Shirt appealing and not over the top off-putting? Listed below are some tips for Important T-Shirt Printing and  T-Shirt designs and prints that could help you.

10 Important T-Shirt Printing And Design Tips 

  1. Simplicity: Keep It Simple

10 Important T-Shirt Printing And Design Tips To Keep In Mind

The golden rule of creating a T-Shirt design for marketing or selling is the same: just keep it simple.

When it comes to shirts, simplicity is essential. Overly designed T-Shirts can get chaotic, have problems in printing, and be challenging to wear in a rush.

An excessively complicated shirt design can also be hard to read. It would be awkward if someone stared and tried figuring out what’s written on your shirt, right?

Decide on a single statement or image that you want to print, and concentrate on that for your shirt design. Remove any design elements that don’t have to be there.

You could also try creating it in black and white to help produce more plainness. Plus, you can always add more color later.

2. Understanding Borders And Edges

10 Important T-Shirt Printing And Design Tips To Keep In Mind

How will you print the design on the shirt? Will you publish a design that looks like it has borders? Or will it be more of a freestyle layout without edges?

Most T-Shirt designs fall into the second type. Bordered styles are a bit old-fashioned.

3. Contemplate On The Shirt Color And Imprint Color

Ensure that you know the actual shirt color you will use before getting too far into the T-Shirt design. Next is to ask how many ink colors are needed for the imprint.

Shirt color and ink options affect the funding. These things can also make a big difference in completing the design.

If you intend to sell at an online marketplace, you should limit the shirt colors options to those that work well with the design. Even with a monochromatic imprint, shirt colors make a massive difference.

4. Shirt Fabric Quality Matters

If you expect people to wear your T-Shirt design, it has to be high-quality fabric. You must think of your target market as well.

What type of T-Shirts would they wear? Are they men, women, or kids?

The cloth material also has an effect when it comes to inking. A thinner cloth can get heavy, feel funny against the skin and even look bad if there’s too much ink in the imprint. A cloth material’s texture is a vital decision you should make before finishing the design.

5. Imagine The Cool And Wow Factor

If you’re creating a T-Shirt design as a marketing giveaway or making money, the shirt has to have a wow factor. To be successful, you must create a T-shirt with a trendy, stylish, and modern design that people will want to show off.

The offer of a free shirt is sufficient to make anyone take almost any design. But, they have to wear it out in public to be worthwhile.

And if you anticipate a customer to pay for a T-Shirt design, they have to like the prints. Any outdated, repetitive design won’t work.

So, take the time to produce something extraordinary. Avoid copying something from social media, and try thinking ahead of what’s trending today.

6. Be Mindful Of Graphic Positionings


The placement of the design is essential. Where on the shirt is the perfect spot for the layout? Are there logos or brand names to consider?

There’s a thin line between perfect and amusingly off the mark. The most popular positions for graphic design on T-Shirts include:

  • Front Center
  • Back Center
  • Front Pocket For Small Imprint
  • Sleeves
  • Top Back Center For Small Imprint

The print’s position on the shirt adds to the overall harmony and artistic quality. It also creates an understanding of the value of the shirt.

7. Scale And Size Are Important 

The balance and size of the design can be as essential as the position of an imprint. The difficult part is that you may not know a problem until you discover it.

Here’s a proven trick to get it right. Create the design and print it out. Hold the design up to a T-Shirt for a portrayal of scale. Do the dimensions of the design work? Is it balanced?

Think of the size of your shirt after you get the scale right. The design size can differ based on apparel sizing and should be adjusted accordingly.

8. Vector Graphics Is A Must

Use vector artwork like Adobe Illustrator, so the design is scalable. If you don’t have vector graphics, the design needs to be in high resolution. The images must be at 200 dpi or higher.

9. Talk With The Printer About Inking

Inks and inkings are a big deal when it comes to T-Shirt designs. Converse with the printing company that will imprint your shirts about how thin or thick the ink lay should be.

The current trend is toward less ink. This practice results in lighter shirts but could impact the design.You may want to inquire about using DTF ink, which results in a thinner layer of ink and can maintain the integrity of the design while still achieving a lighter shirt.

10. Fonts Do Matter

10 Important T-Shirt Printing And Design Tips To Keep In Mind

Bad composition parallels bad T-Shirt design. Designs with sayings are a trend, but great typography sets apart the good ones from the worst. Use suitable placements, high-quality fonts, and lettering styles to make your phrase wearable.

Let’s Start Printing

Have you thought of the design you want to print on your T-Shirt? Have you already planned the design’s color, font, size, and placement?

If yes, then you can now start printing your T-Shirt design. With all the tips in mind, I’m sure that you’ll create one of the best T-Shirts ever.

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