10 Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives You Should Try Out


We can’t imagine coffee without a creamer. However, when it comes to healthy consumption, you have to think twice. You can only get the benefits of coffee when you are being responsible. In this case, choosing some healthy coffee creamer alternatives is the best way.

What are the right alternatives to coffee creamer? This question arises when you are conscious of the taste. Cause, you have to find something which is good for both taste and health. That’s why we researched a little and found some amazing alternatives to your usual coffee creamer.

In this article, we will share all the details regarding healthy coffee creamer alternatives. Moreover, you will find the process of using them. Make sure you read each point carefully for better understanding. So, let’s get started.

Top Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

It’s okay if you don’t love black coffee. You can still get a healthy cup with an alternative creamer option. The best part is you can use both homemade and ready-to-use creamer alternatives. Keep reading the following list to know more about these products:

1. Plant-Based Milk

Plant-based milk is ideal if you have dietary restrictions. In fact, this is a very popular alternative to coffee creamer. Before you buy this product, make sure you check the ingredients and ensure it doesn’t have added sugar. In this case, soy milk is the best option in this category. You can also go for oat milk as a plant-based product.

2. Protein Powder

One of the best healthy coffee creamer alternatives is protein powder. If you are not up for plant-based products, you can go with this protein powder. The best part is most protein powders come with an amazing flavor that will ensure your coffee’s taste. On the other hand, both coffee and protein powder have so many benefits.

3. Monk Fruit Extract

If you want something different, you can try out monk fruit extract. You might know that monk fruit is a natural sweetener that comes from Luo Han Guo melon. As per reports, this fruit is 100 times sweeter than sugar and also safe to eat. Monk fruit extract comes in powder or liquid form and doesn’t have carbohydrates and calories.

4. Skim Milk

If you have been looking for an ideal alternative to coffee creamer, you can choose to skim milk. It has a buttery texture and is a good source of potassium, calcium, protein, and other vitamins. If you prefer sweet, you can add a small amount of honey to this skim milk. 

5. Cocoa Powder

When you are looking for healthy coffee creamer alternatives, cocoa powder can be the best choice. In fact, it’s the best solution if you love a good mocha. In simple words, cocoa is the purest form of chocolate. Moreover, this product can help you with a lot of things including blood flow improvement, blood pressure reduction, and more. 

6. Cinnamon

Another good replacement for your regular coffee creamer is cinnamon. The best part is it has an amazing flavor. As per a report, cinnamon is good for improving brain function. You can combine cinnamon with plant-based milk or skim milk to get the best coffee flavor. You don’t need to add sugar while using cinnamon. 

7. Egg Yolk

When you are up for something different, you can go with egg yolk coffee. Even though it sounds weird, it can give a good taste. The best thing about egg yolk is it can give a buttery texture like regular coffee creamer. If you love sweets, make sure you add a small amount of honey with egg yolk. 

8. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is one of the best healthy coffee creamer alternatives right now. If you want a mild coffee flavor, this is the best creamer replacement. Before you purchase vanilla extract, make sure it’s not synthetic vanilla as it doesn’t have a lot of health benefits. Vanilla extract is also good for iced coffee. And you don’t need a lot of time to prepare it.

9. Nut Pods

Nut pod creamer is another good replacement for coffee creamer. If plant-based milk is not your thing, you can go with nut pods. The best part is nut pods creamer has erythritol, a sugar alcohol that isn’t harmful for blood sugar. Make sure you check all ingredients before buying nut pods creamer.

10. Oat Creamer

Last but not least, oat creamer is another good replacement for regular coffee creamer. It’s the ideal product when you are looking for something gluten-free and dairy-free. Plus, you can get oat creamer in a variety of flavors. Moreover, this alternative doesn’t have added sugar which is good for health. You can add a small amount of honey.


Finally, you know why healthy coffee creamer alternatives can help to get the best coffee. Before you purchase an alternative to coffee creamer, you have to check all the details. On the other hand, you have to find a good brand for an alternative product. In this case, you can do some research on the internet.


Q: What’s a good substitute for coffee creamer?

There are so many good substitutes available for coffee creamer. You can add different alternatives including vanilla coconut milk creamer, cocoa powder, nut pods, and more. (Salmeterol)

Q: How do you make coffee taste good without creamer?

You can make coffee taste good without creamer by following some easy steps. In this case, you have to choose a good alternative product that is both tasty and healthy.

Q: How do you make coffee less bitter without creamer?

If you are not using a creamer, your coffee can be a bit bitter. In this case, you can use a pinch of salt to balance the taste and it will reduce the bitterness.

Q: What can I put in coffee instead of milk?

You can use several things to make coffee without creamer or milk. Besides readymade alternatives, you can also use homemade coffee creamer to make it tasty. 


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