10 Florida food tours you can take your kids on


When you’re going on holiday with your kids, it’s important to take extra care when planning your activities, to ensure everyone has an excellent time together.

Kids can get distracted easily, and not everything is necessarily to their taste or interesting enough to hold their attention. So as you research potential activities to do with them, consider which ones are truly kid-friendly.

For example: food tours are always a great idea for families on the road. These culinary tours are increasingly popular these days, taking people (usually groups of tourists, although certain companies let you book a private tour) around the city which they are visiting, and into restaurants and other venues favored by locals, to sample the best of the city’s food and learn a little about its history and culture through regional dishes and flavors.

These tours also stop at well-known tourist landmarks, movie locations etc., with historical trivia and fun facts dispensed by the tour guides, who are often actors or comedians and aim to make the experience as lively and fun as possible.

Taking your family on a Florida food tour will ensure a great time for all – not only will your hunger be satisfied but you’ll leave the Sunshine State knowing a lot more about the place, and feeling like a true local.

Furthermore, your kids may learn a lot on a food tour than on a normal excursion – regular pitstops for sweet and savory treats would make any experience more bearable, after all. There’s plenty of options when it comes to food tours in Florida, so we’ve compiled a list of the ten most fun, family-friendly options in the region.

1.A taste of South Beach Food Tour

This tour takes you right through the heart of the Art Deco District, the most famous of its kind in Miami, granting you a glimpse at its breathtaking architecture, as well as a deep dive into the history and culture of South Beach. Each stop on the tour is beloved by locals, masterfully blending American, Mediterranean, Cuban, Peruvian, Haitian, French and Italian flavors.

2.Authentic Little Havana Food and Culture Walking Tour

As the name suggests, this tour is all about Cuban culture, its delightful flavors and its influence in downtown Miami. You will get to visit significant Cuban landmarks like the Bay of Pigs Museum and the Cuban Memorial Park, all while learning interesting facts about the city’s Cuban heritage. All the venues on the itinerary are authentic restaurants owned by Cuban families, where you can sample their most beloved dishes and listen to their fascinating stories.

3.Flavours of ICON Park Walking Tour

A guided visit through ICON Park is a great opportunity to sample the very best this fun-filled venue  has to offer. As the tour concludes, visitors can enjoy magical sunset views from the top of the East Coast’s tallest Ferris wheel, enjoy a discounted meal and make the most of all the attractions which this incredible park has to offer.

4.Miami Food and Art Walking Tour of Wynwood Neighbourhood

Anyone visiting Miami should take the time to get to know the diverse and dynamic Wynwood Art District, with its art galleries, amazing sights and excellent cuisine from some of the country’s most talented chefs.

5.Food Tour of Miami’s South Beach

Why not spend an afternoon experiencing the diverse culture and cuisine of South Beach on this small, guided tour, which takes you to the most popular foodie venues among Miami locals. Listen to the owners’ stories and find out all about their specialty dishes as you stroll through the neighborhood.

6.Seville Stroll Food Tour

The United States’s oldest settlement, Pensacola, is full of rich history which is worth learning about, and a number of typical dishes that need to be tasted to be believed. On this tour, you’ll hear about the different foods which inhabitants ate throughout every occupation and era of Pensacola history.

7.Underground Donut Tour Miami: Oceanfront Donut Tour

This unique tour is your chance to try the best donuts which Miami Beach has to offer, while enjoying a walk along the beach in the sunshine, and gazing upon superb ocean views. Participants can sample donuts from the best donut shops and bakeries in Miami – and anyone planning a bachelorette or bachelor party is entitled to a special package deal!

8.Hemingway Food and Walking Tour

Follow in the footsteps of American novelist Ernest Hemmingway and explore Key West on this walking tour, which provides an intimate glimpse at the region’s history and culture, while granting participants a taste of its excellent food, during visits to a wide range of lively bars and museums.

9.Historic Ybor City Food Walking Tour

Walk through the Tampa area and get to know Ybor City like never before, during this perfect introductory tour that features multiple food and drink tastings. The guide will tell you all about the city’s history, and you can make a mental note of the restaurants you want to return to on your next visit! 

10.Sarasota Kayak and Food Tour

This tour combines food sampling in Sarasota with kayaking, during which you may be lucky enough to spot manatees or even dolphins. The tour begins with a kayak ride followed by visits to local restaurants on foot.

By now you should have plenty of options that will let your kids enjoy themselves while on vacation. Kids like it best when they can take part and feel involved in the family’s activities, so if you can make that happen, then the rest is history. They’ll be sure to have lots of fun sampling food and sightseeing, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your time off as well. 


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