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Ostomy Lifestyle is grateful for the support of many different organisations.

All of our helpline  and information services are completely free of charge, and we don’t have any membership fees or statutory funding.  However we need to increase capacity, and make sure the charity can meet the demand.  With this in mind, we invite contributions in accordance with our Corporate Engagement Policy.

This is open to most companies, including pharmaceutical companies. In return for an annual contribution to our core costs, they receive special recognition in our annual report and Ostomy News.  Above all the charity must remain impartial, and seek ways to work with companies that are transparent, mutual, and keep us independent.

We hope that maintaining these relationships will ensure we can encourage innovation and improvements in the services these companies offer, and that we are kept up to date with new products as they are available.

Current supporters:


The UK's leading independent ostomy supplier, OstoMART was founded in 1991. OstoMART has led the way in improving the level of services and products available to people with a stoma. A high percentage of the profit is used to research and develop new products and services. OstoMART provides a wide range of ostomy accessories and support garments, as well as home delivery.

CUI International

CUI International is the UK's leading & most innovative supplier of Ostomy & Hernia Support Products with 30 years experience. Our experience and resources have enabled us to develop a range of products in close collaboration with stoma nurses and professionals in the Ostomy Support field.

Big  Lottery Funded

Every year BIG gives out millions of pounds from the National Lottery to good causes. Our money goes to community groups and to projects that improve health, education and the environment

Focus Pull

We love creating innovative, beautiful and emotive films but at our core we realise that the priority is to produce business-focused results. Whether this is marketing your business, internal communications, training, promoting a product or service, or simply covering an event. With the end result and purpose of the film always our key priority, we use our extensive experience and background in Internal Communications and Marketing to help guide you to the right film to hit your brief.

Salts Healthcare

Salts Healthcare are the original provider of stoma care products with a unique wealth of knowledge spanning 300 years. As a family company we are as committed to the needs of our customers today as we were when we were founded.