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Privacy Policy

Ostomy Lifestyle is committed to providing a confidential service to those affected by stoma surgery.  It is important to note that confidentiality is between the service user and Ostomy Lifestyle, not between the service user and the Helpline operator.

To maintain confidentiality, Helpline operators, whether voluntary or employed, will only discuss details of Helpline calls or emails with Ostomy Lifestyle staff or Helpline volunteers.  However, it is a legal requirement for information which indicates a possible terrorist threat to be reported to the police.  Confidentiality may also be broken under the following circumstances:

o   If a Helpline operator believes information has been disclosed which may indicate a risk to children, adults or the caller themselves.

o   If a Helpline operator believes information has been disclosed which may indicate that a crime has been committed.

o   If a service user is felt to be a serious nuisance caller.

In these circumstances action to break confidentiality will only take place after the Helpline operator has consulted with a senior member of staff.

If a referral is being made to another organisation, permission must be obtained from the caller for their personal details to be passed on.  When the referral is made only relevant personal information will be given.

All information gathered during an enquiry (whether by telephone or email) will be stored securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.  Helpline operators will ensure that any notes relating to enquiries are destroyed once the enquiry has been properly recorded and no details of enquiries or those individuals making the enquiry will ever be taken away from Ostomy Lifestyle premises.

All staff at Ostomy Lifestyle, whether they are employed in a Helpline role or otherwise, will observe and uphold this policy.

Any member of staff or volunteer who fails to act in accordance with this Confidentiality Policy will be subject to Ostomy Lifestyle’s Disciplinary procedure.