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Pre-order your free copy of our new leaflet today!

We are launching a new publication next week which is available for pre-order, free now! This new leaflet is called 'What is a stoma?' and is aimed at pre-operative and newly post-operative patients, as well as family, partners, friends and colleagues. It covers how the digestive and urinary systems work, how stomas are made and answers many of the most commonly asked questions about living with a stoma, such as 'Will it smell?', 'Will I still be able to have sex?' and 'Should I tell other people about my stoma?'.

If you would like to pre-order your copy of this publication please use our online contact form and put 'What is a stoma' and your postal address in the message box. 

As with all our patient literature, this publication has been produced in line with our Information Standard approved production system, which means it is reliable and evidence based, and written and reviewed by patients and experts alike.