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patient workshops

We offer patient workshops on a range of topics. The sessions are 1 hour long and are ideal for patient support group meetings and hospital or industry open days. The sessions are funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund which means we can deliver free of charge at the venue of your choice around the country. However, the Big Lottery Fund expires towards the end of March 2015 so book your courses now.

Understanding Your Stoma

This 1-hour workshop is an informal and interactive session which uses novel techniques to help patients understand more about the operation they have had, and what it means to live with a stoma. This workshop uses the Anatomy Apron. You can see Helen, our Helpline Services Manager, using the Apron, as she would during a workshop here

Anatomy & physiology 
• Basic understanding of the digestive and urinary systems
• Introduction to the 3 main types of output stoma - colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy
• Introduction to the conditions that lead to stoma surgery
 Question & Answer session

Travel & Leisure

This 1-hour presentation looks at the common areas of concern for people around travel including airport security and obtaining supplies abroad as well as leisure activities including swimming and exercise. These discussion points are alternated with images and stories of people with stomas from their travels for illustration. 

Body Image

This 1-hour session asks people to consider images of people with various body changes, including scars, limb amputations, stomas and tattoos both from the point of view of the person themselves and as an observer. The end result of this discussion is often that people start to reconsider the impact of their stoma on their body image in a positive way. We also watch footage from our groundbreaking Underwear & Swimwear show.

Healthy Eating

This 1-hour session examines the effects that different types of food might have on stoma management and how this might be dealt with to ensure a healthy diet and good stoma output can be maintained. The focus is on encouraging people to return, as far as possible, to their pre-stoma diet. The role of salt and soluble/insoluble fibre are also discussed.


What are the outcomes?

Better understanding of the outcomes of stoma surgery and greater confidence of living with a stoma.

Where does it take place? 
We can run the workshops from your venue.

What will it cost?
These sessions are funded by the BIG Lottery; however if groups feel able to make a contribution towards the expenses of the workshop that is greatly appreciated.

What should I do next?
For more information, or to arrange a workshop, contact Helen Bracey on 0118 324 0069 or

Upcoming workshops 

We will be attending and delivering workshops at the following events :

Thurs 24th July - Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Support Group

Thurs 14th Aug - ESSence Support Group, London

Sat 6th Sept - Milton Keynes Stoma Association

Tues 9th Sept - Connect Support Group, Harlow and Hertford Stoma Support Group 

Thurs 18th Sept - Berwick Ostomy Support Group

Sat 20th Sept - North Essex Stoma Support (NESS)

Tues 7th Oct - Optimists Support Group, Cornwall

Sat 11th Oct - North Notts Stoma Support Group, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Sat 8th Nov - Diverted, Swadlincote

Sat 15th Nov - Mid Devon Ostomy Support Group, Crediton