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Ostomy Lifestyle run a project called OstomyAid (which is currently on hold so please hold onto your unwanted supplies for the time being). 

OstomyAid gathers unused supplies from across the UK and from the major manufacturers to put to good use in developing countries. Our mission is:

  • To provide people in developing countries affected by stoma surgery with the physical resources to support and  improve their long term well-being
  • To reduce the wastage of usable ostomy appliances and accessories in the UK and prevent them from going into landfill

We redistribute any unused ostomy supplies donated to us to countries such as Moldova, Iran, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malawi and Sudan where the demand for these supplies is ever increasing. By providing these resources to countries most in need and twinning professional stoma care nurses within the hospitals of these countries, these supplies will be worth far more than they could have been in the UK.

Ostomy Lifestyle often receives queries from patients who have leftover ostomy supplies and do not want them to go to waste. Donations also arrive due to the loss of a loved one, stoma reversal or allergic reaction.  Ostomy appliance manufacturers give a considerable amount of surplus supplies to this good cause and they are usually the main source of our donations.