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Anatomical aprons

The Anatomical Apron is a unique tool for educating patients about stoma surgery. Many patients find that seeing the digestive systems represented in this way helps them understand their operation more clearly. Watch Helen, our Helpline Services Manager, using the Apron to explain how our digestive and urinary systems work and how stomas are formed here

The Apron is especially useful for teaching patients with additional communication needs (e.g. non-English speakers, those with special educational needs and children)

The Anatomical Apron also now comes with a urological feature to explain the urinary system and demonstrate the construction of urostomies; and a colon segment to illustrate how loop stomas are made. All these features come with the Apron in a handy tote bag to keep everything together while you are teaching.

Who can benefit?

Stoma Care Nurses – why not buy one for your department and discover what a useful addition to your teaching this can be?
Support Group Organisers – why not buy an Apron for your local stoma care department? This is a great way to use your funds to help more patients affected by stoma surgery.


Ostomy Lifestyle is now the UK distributor for the Anatomical Apron.  Previously it has been difficult to get hold of this fantastic training aid as they have to be shipped from the USA, however they can be ordered from Ostomy Lifestyle for £150 (+p&p). Please complete an order form and email to 

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