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Amcare™ is a stoma care home delivery service from ConvaTec with a reputation for a fast, efficient and caring service that stretches back almost 20 years.

We have a network of 12 local care centres, each with a team of dedicated helpers and regular delivery couriers to make sure you get your stoma supplies as promptly and discreetly as possible, with the minimum of hassle.

We understand that getting your products from all manufacturers reliably and on time is crucial – so we aim to take that worry away from you, leaving you to get on with your life and live it the way you want.

Prescription service

Simply put your prescription for stoma supplies in the post, and we will deal with your order as quickly as possible. Alternatively, if you haven’t received your prescription from your GP but need supplies urgently, we are happy to take your order over the phone and get to work on it before your prescription reaches us.

Discreet delivery

All products are delivered to you in unmarked packaging by a regular courier who will be only too happy to take into account any delivery specifications you request.

Care centre staff

In addition to our National Distribution Centre in Sunderland, we have 12 local care centres throughout the country. When you phone us and place an order, your call will be taken by a dedicated helper in your nearest care centre who will understand your individual needs.

Cutting service

Our flange-cutting team, based at our National Distribution Centre, can personalise your flanges or base plates to the size and shape you require.

Services Provided

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